Monday, June 1, 2015

June Gardening Tasks

June is the month when Virginia gardeners can breathe a little sigh of relief, kick off their shoes, and relax on the chaise lounge with a sweet tea, admiring their handiwork. The hard-work days of May have passed, and the HHH days of July - that's hazy, hot and humid - are still a dream away. But before you put away your trowel and spade, it's time for a few more tasks.

June Gardening Tasks

  • Look for bare spots in the garden, and fill them in with the annual flowering plants.
  • Stake or cage your tomato plants to give them extra support.
  • Plant marigolds around tomato plants to help repel the tomato hornworm.
  • Harvest the last of your spring vegetables, and prepare the garden bed for your next crop by adding compost.
  • Japanese beetles make their appearance in June. The best offense is a good defense. Practice year-round integrated pest management to control for Japanese beetles at every stage of their growth.
  • This is your last chance to mark where your fall bulbs are planted, because in a few days or weeks, the tulips, daffodils and crocus will be but a memory. If you, like me, tend to dig up your bulbs accidentally, use plant markers to note where each is buried.
  • Weed regularly and apply mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture.
  • Don't compost your weeds. Some may contain seeds. If you compost them, the compost pile's warmth might not be enough to kill the weed seeds, and they can spread further into your garden.
Enjoy your garden this June...and don't forget to water!

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